The Butcher
But in the end why all of this?

Surely passion for my work, together with love for my family and my children, John and Matthew, who developed this innovative project called "Butcher Dynamics," with the privilege to join you and delight you wherever you are thanks to SHIPPING and the new SITE ONLINE.

The goal is to be able to crown the tradition and the quality of my work, which began in 1987, combining new techniques of conservation at the forefront learned from my children in the course of studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Technology over.

The eldest son John, followed by Matthew, who traces his footsteps, is at the end of this process of study.

Has now learned advanced methods to be able to provide a convenient service and quality at a distance comparable to that offered in the store personally.

Despite this desire to keep pace with the times, our strength has been, is and will always be TRADITION, QUALITY ', PASSION and EXPERIENCE.

Thank you if we are there
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Purchasing Methods
To ensure the freshness and quality of our products upon receipt of orders you will be notified (by phone or by mail) where it will be shown before the date of shipment.
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Familial chain
By the farmer to the consumer: a product of the territory, guaranteed, followed with care from origin to your table.
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About us
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Taricco Renato Macelleria
Via Vittorio Veneto, 30
12017 ROBILANTE (Cn)
Tel. 0171 78685
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