In the European market, as well as in Italy, E-commerce has grown significantly in recent years. Therefore we have decided to give ourselves the challenge of e-commerce to extend our clientele.


Shipping costs are a very important aspect for E-commerce and constitute a cost for the seller and an extra charge for the customer, but if we do not consider it, we commit an error in management.

The total shipping cost is inclusive of polystyrene foam boxes (in different sizes), envelopes, eutectic gel packs and transportation fees. Here in after you will find a table concerning weight and cost of each box.


For Taricco Butcher’s shop, shipping is a matter of great attention. In fact, we use customized packing materials such as an adhesive tape with our logo, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to guarantee quality. Therefore, if you were to receive an altered or broken package, with a tape that does not have the lettering “Mastro Taricco”, please refuse the delivery with the motivation that the package has been tempered with.

 Taricco Butcher’s shop ensures that their products, which are fresh and perishable, will be delivered in a timely manner and will arrive intact at their destination.

We use isothermal boxes in polystyrene foam and flexible gel pouches, whose quantity is determined by means of a software that considers the size of the packaging, the weight of the product, the outside temperature and the duration of transport.

Independently of the outside temperature (both if there is a temperature of 0 ° C and if there is a temperature of 30 ° C), we decided to use the same amount cooler gel, in order to keep the safety and quality of our products.

In addition to this, our customers will be able to put the gel pouches in the freezer and reuse them. 





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Purchasing Methods
To ensure the freshness and quality of our products upon receipt of orders you will be notified (by phone or by mail) where it will be shown before the date of shipment.
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Familial chain
By the farmer to the consumer: a product of the territory, guaranteed, followed with care from origin to your table.
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About us
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