When the 'working experience in a small mountain village is not dedicated solely to profit, but to a professional growth, the buyer receives it on the skin.

And if the casual approach becomes habit the "Jeau fait son" will be the satisfaction of the customer to further stimulate l 'operator bringing it to discover the delights to offer.

It's what happens from 1987 to Robinstown in the heart of Valvermenagna, a few km from Cuneo and an hour from nearby Liguria.

In the historic butcher TARICCO, one of the first affiliated CO.AL.VI., Renato master dynamic and enterprising in recent decades has completely changed the way we work "meat" transforming its operation into a temple of taste.

In his passion has always been accompanied by his wife, Maria Grazia, with which they have become very famous creators and countless specialties of raw and cooked meat.

These "souvenirs" they left the 'mouth-watering three-generation customers, friends and travelers from all over Italy are proud to promote the small butcher mountain.

Thank you if we are there
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Purchasing Methods
To ensure the freshness and quality of our products upon receipt of orders you will be notified (by phone or by mail) where it will be shown before the date of shipment.
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Familial chain
By the farmer to the consumer: a product of the territory, guaranteed, followed with care from origin to your table.
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About us
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Taricco Renato Macelleria
Via Vittorio Veneto, 30
12017 ROBILANTE (Cn)
Tel. 0171 78685
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